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Who Are You Success Book

“Who Are You?”

The 31 Day Step-By-Step Personal Transformation Program from Self Help Author and Inspirational Speaker Russ Wetherington

Just 15 Short Minutes Per Day Could Change Your Life Forever…

Do You Feel “Stuck” Where You Are In Life?

Did you ever stop and wonder why all those “other people” seem to be so happy and successful, enjoying the finer things in life, while you’re working hard every day and still feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?

Are you tired and run down; feeling as if you’re on a never ending treadmill that’s going nowhere?

Do you feel as if there is something really important that is missing in your life?

If this sounds like you then “WHO ARE YOU?” is probably the most important book you will ever read… It was written for YOU!

It’s Your Personal Guide to Self Discovery!

“Who Are You?” is your map and personal guide for the most important journey of your life… the journey to discover YOU!

Chock full of life altering wisdom, this step-by-step 31-day guided exploration of self-discovery will help you answer the ultimate question: “Who Am I?”

The messages in the book are delivered using hand-picked passages from the Bible, as well as wisdom of historical figures and some of the most inspiring men and women of today.

But that’s not all…

Self Help Author and Inspirational Speaker Russ Wetherington is your personal guide on this 31-day voyage of self-discovery and tops it all off with personal illustrations from his own life.

Achieve Success In ALL Areas Of Your Life NOW!

Stop and think for a moment how great it would be if you could achieve success in ALL areas of your life… career, financial, relationships and even your Spiritual life.

You have now the tools you need right at your fingertips!

The core concepts and ideas in “Who Are You?” are so simple and easy to digest that that literally anyone can quickly incorporate them into their own life and experience life altering success.

31 “Easy To Follow” Daily Lessons…

This book is set up specifically to help you achieve success; all of the material is presented to you in an easy to follow “one lesson per day” format.

So just read one chapter each day of the month and see why this guide can be the missing key to improving your life.

And each of the 31 easy to follow lessons comes complete with a journal where you can take notes along your journey on how the core ideas can affect your life and can make a change for the better.

15 Minutes a Day Is All It Takes!

All it takes is 15 minutes a day, morning or evening to read and learn how to improve yourself and you will see how your life will become better in some way.

Success in every aspect of your life is explored, from Spirituality to problems associated with self-esteem and even personal relationships.

This book was written to enable YOU to make the changes that will give you a more fulfilling and happy life.

Remember, YOU deserve to be HAPPY!

The great pleasure in life is doing what people said you cannot do!

So what are you waiting for?

Pick up a copy of “Who Are You?” and start changing your life TODAY!